Sunday, 5 October 2014

Resurrection Pegs

While I wait to produce the newest child, I've been keeping busy producing this Resurrection play set for the four kids I've already got. 

The "full cast" - minus Simon of Cyrene and the Apostle John, neither of whom have been painted yet.

Apostles Peter and Judas

Veronica, center -
plus 2 women who will double as women Jesus encountered on the Way of the Cross
and women who discovered His empty tomb on Easter. 


I'm not sure I am really "keeping a blog" fact, I rather think I am not. 
However, I didn't want it to end on the rather bleak note of the last post. This pregnancy was better psychologically than most past ones, perhaps due to a combination of intercession, community and acupuncture. And it ends in 4 days, if not sooner, as I have an induction scheduled for the end of this week. So - perhaps the last post ought to be some newborn photos, instead of pictures of some paint and wood :)

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  1. Praying for a smooth and healthy delivery!