Monday, 25 November 2013

my army is complete

The wee folk are finished! I stayed up way too late two nights in a row and loved every minute of this project!  I finally decided that (as much as I wanted a "young St. Patrick") he was just just going to look so much more "right" if he had white hair.....

At first, my white-haired, bearded St Patricks looked like Ninjas. I was near despair. 

Then I found an online tutorial about painting faces and facial hair on peg dolls. Phew. 

The final product looked mostly like this. None of them have their high-gloss spray yet, so they are not as shiny as they will be, but they are otherwise done. Unless....I figure out some way to incorporate some sort of "breastplate" into the doll. But they are probably done.

Maria wanted to take a picture of me with my completed army and crazy morning hair.
And she wanted the picture included on the blog..... 

And now I'm in need of a new project.
 Which is why I placed my order yesterday for some more plain wooden pegs.  
For this:

Actually for this, times two. One set for my kids and one set for my sister's kids. 

Maria really really wanted to help with the St Patricks - and I did not let her - so I am going to let her 
paint some angels and shepherds for this project. I thought we'd do a couple of pieces together each week of Advent and have a complete set by Christmas. Right now I'm thinking big:  Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a HOST of angels, a BUNCH of shepherds, shepherdesses and shepherd children, 3 wise men, a drummer boy. I already own several small plastic sheep and a donkey from a Fisher Price nativity play set that my kids used to love to play with so much that I was never allowed to put it away during the non-Christmas seasons of the year. (They ended up losing two kings, the camel, Mary and Joseph in New Zealand, but we still have the animals.) 

Ok, before I end up with more Vaseline on the sofa, or something worse.... Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

(pegs ordered from Casey's Wood Products)

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  1. Ooh, Kelly, they're wonderful! I'm inspired to hunt around for some wooden pegs to make my own Army of Saints (though I doubt New Zealand has anything cheap and workable on offer). I'm excited to see how your Nativity set comes out! After a long saga involving our sixty-year-old nativity figures (first the Camel collapsed, no biggie... then Joseph sunk, and we figured it was time to splurge), our new nativity set arrived from the States this week. It's so beautiful! No matter how old you get, there's some eternal magic about Christmas! Love and prayers, Kate.